Glenmuir High School Teacher

If you want your child to be successful in life, attendance to this camp increases that possibility. This camp does so much in changing the mindset of the child as well as the parents and gives us all more hope for the future.
Andrew Thompson
JP and Team were amazing! They were able to connect with the kids and deliver a powerful message! It was by far the best opportunity any teen could have!!! Absolutely priceless! My teen is asking when she can go back! HUGE compliment!
Rachel Boyer
Great experience. Changed teen's future life plans after first day.
Tim Sullivan
This was great, my teen was full of ideas and positivity. She can't wait for the next one!
Lisa Langley-Dane
Not only she is learning something valuable for her life but she is meeting people who empower her to be better.
Johanna Pinzon
My teens were very excited about life in general afterwards and almost couldn’t stop talking about the new goals they are implementing to their lives.
Vernon Bontrager


Jesse _ Memphis Last Interview

Jalen Wilson (FFB)

Miles _ Cali Whitford @ networking party

Nia Madden (FFB)

It was really fun and you get to learn a lot about money.
14 Years old
It's an eye opening, humbling, enlightening, empowering and life changing.-
17 years old
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will make a difference in your future.
13 Years old
It was mind blowing.
15 years old
It's method does not allow the kids to get bored & it's so engaging, I learned so much.
17 Years old
Going to a camp with this much insight into the real world is one of the most beneficial things I've ever done.
14 years old
Listen up! I don't care why or when or how you want to achieve your goals but none of that is possible without the correct mentor and JP is the guy. you got to go. also take me with you!
Oriana de Quay
It's eye opening and it is something everyone needs to hear.
15 years old

Let’s do a better job preparing our teens for the road ahead.

Teens crave direction and love knowing they have options available to them.  My events, courses, and trainings are all about laying out their options and letting them choose the best path for themselves.  When teens feel prepared and know they have options they will often succeed at a higher level because THEY chose it.