Teaching teens to make good


Personally and Financially


Hey, I’m J.P. Since 2014 I have been teaching personal development and financial education to teenagers all over the world. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who gets to live every day doing something they genuinely love to do. I’ve taught over 60 Multi-day events, have done countless assemblies and virtual talks, and have worked with thousands and thousands of teens around the globe. I’ve also spoken to thousands of parents, teachers and caring adults about how I successfully teach kids about money and success: so I can empower them to feel confident empowering the kids in their
lives to make positive financial and personal decisions.


The Value of Money

Teaching Financial Education at Home


From Parents and Teens


*Over the years we have done these events with many different sponsors and partners. If you
want to sponsor or partner with me on an event just reach out on the contact page.


Whether a group of teens or caring adults J.P. speaks on a number of topics. Here a few
examples. (Please contact if you are looking for a very specific topic. Most speeches can be
adapted to cover the needs of your group.

One on one mentoring

With one on one mentoring J.P. actually works one on one with your family. Yes usually people want J.P. to work directly with their teen but because they are under 18 at times, it is just as important to have the parent(s)/guardian directly involved.

(There is an application process and multiple interviews before J.P. will work directly with anyone)

Let’s do a better job preparing our teens for the road ahead.

Teens crave direction and love knowing they have options available to them.  My events, courses, and trainings are all about laying out their options and letting them choose the best path for themselves.  When teens feel prepared and know they have options they will often succeed at a higher level because THEY chose it.