“I always knew I could be happy with nothing, so why not go for everything?”

– J.P. Servideo


John “J.P.” Servideo is an entrepreneur, youth speaker, and Boston sports fan who has been on a mission to empower teens personally and financially since 2012.

After barely graduating high school, J.P. found his way working through corporate America. Armed with determined work ethic, he rose quickly through the ranks to management in a Fortune 500 company at just 20 years old. After getting laid off during the recent recession, he found himself looking for a better answer.

Through personal development, increased financial literacy, and mentorship – with CEO’s, Olympic athletes, and business owners – J.P. has since been able to own multiple businesses, travel significantly, give back, and pursue his passion of empowering teens financially and personally.


“There is nothing I love more than the moment when I see them get it – when their eyes light up because they realize what is possible.”

– J.P. Servideo

J.P. uses his own life experiences to help teens learn from his successes and failures. His success in communicating with teens stems from providing them with the education needed while encouraging them to make their own decisions – instead of telling them what to do.

Although he speaks on a breadth of financial literacy and personal development topics, the 3 core themes that make up J.P.’s message are:

Find Positive Role Models

Find someone who has what you want to learn what it takes to really achieve your goal.

Daily Habits Create Wealth

Anyone can create wealth by simply practicing the daily habits of the wealthy.

Don't Be Afraid to Fail

Take action each and every day towards achieving your goals - you only fail when you give up.