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When J.P. speaks to your teens, they’ll learn to:

Create Successful
Habits Now

Success in life begins with our habits - especially the one's teens are creating in high school. They'll learn to identify, model, and foster these habits.

Choose Long Term

J.P. will help students learn to evaluate opportunities for long term growth versus short term gain - in personal development, investing, employment, and education.

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Think & Act Like
the Wealthy

The top 1% of Americans own 99% of the country's wealth. Your teens will learn the financial strategies of ultra successful - and how to apply them.


you want is possible.”

– J.P. Servideo

J.P. has been dedicated to helping prepare teens for success after high school since 2012. After training with the top youth speakers in the country, he began working with high school age students nationwide – teaching financial literacy and personal development principles through speaking live at high schools and leading educational camps.

40% of current college students will never have a net worth over $10,000.

– The American Dream Education Campaign

J.P. believes that our youth too often acquire crushing debt – from student loans to credit cards – without the education or tools needed to understand the consequences. This begins a lifelong cycle of debt and poor financial decisions.

J.P. works to empower teens to make better personal and financial choices by giving them the tools they need to succeed, instead of telling them what to do.

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Bring J.P. To Your Group!

J.P. speaks to groups of all sizes including classrooms, assemblies, clubs, and teams.


Financial Literacy Camps

J.P. partners with educational company FortuneBuilders to lead 2 and 4 day camps across the country.

FFB Camps

One on One Tutoring

J.P. offers individual or small group tutoring, right in the comfort of your own home.


“The transformation in my son’s financial awareness and eagerness to learn more was astounding!”
– Sarah K., Parent

“At just 13 years old, my son was taught concepts that most adults never have the benefit of learning.”
– Elise S., Parent

“This was the most growth and development in personal responsibility and freedom I’ve ever experienced.”
– Jasmine J., Student

“My kid said, ‘This is stuff that I can use my whole life!’ All I can say is WOW!”
– Ra Y., Parent

“My kids came back with so much knowledge in finance and responsibility and are so motivated in going out there to make a difference.”
– William G., Parent

“I would without hesitation or reservation recommend this program for all teens!”
– Marva D., Parent

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for the road ahead.

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